5 Awesome Unisex Gift Ideas

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Maybe you are lacking ideas on what to buy a friend for his/her birthday or maybe you are excited to start shopping for presents now that the Easter holiday is just around the corner. Regardless of the case, here are five awesome unisex gift ideas that will save you a lot of trouble. They are also more original than the same old gift cards, certifications and baskets. These gifts can be given to anyone regardless of their age or gender. Check them out!

1. Homemade treats


Homemade treats are an excellent gift choice for Easter in particular, since everyone enjoys them. You can opt for freshly baked cookies or homemade chocolates that are simply a gourmet’s delight. If cooking is not your strength, you can always buy some baked goods from confectioneries and bakeries. Just make sure they are fresh and wrapped nicely, for a higher impact.

2. Movie passes


Movie passes are a different story than gift cards. Everyone enjoys going to the movies, but you have to take into consideration their tastes in movies. If you know a movie buff who goes to watch the latest flick in town, then a movie pass to just about any new movie is perfect. For your other friends or family members, you can purchase movie passes to a romantic comedy, an animated movie, or an action flick.

3. Travel items


If you want your gift to be practical and useful for the recipient, then travel items are always a great idea. You can either opt for a travel kit, which includes several items, or give the items separately, if the idea of kits is not appealing to you. Examples of travel items you could opt for include travel pillows, alarm clocks, baggage organizers, eye blinders and so on.

4. Designer pens


Pens are a particularly good idea if you want to give them to someone in your business or professional environment. When entering such an environment, a designer pen can make anyone stand out and create a great impression. Designer pens make perfect unisex gifts, since both men and women use them on a daily basis.

5. Books


Unfortunately, many people nowadays fail to take into consideration the best unisex gift idea ever: books. If you know the preferences of the recipient, personalize your gift and give them a book of the genre they like: romance, fiction, thriller, horror, or even non-fiction. Comic books are also a great choice. You can go for a collection of books, as well.

You cannot go wrong with any of these great unisex gift ideas. Just remember that even though you are opting for a unisex gift, you still need to put a little thought into it, so the recipient knows that you didn’t get them the first thing that popped in the store window.

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Great Unisex Gift Ideas

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If a party is coming up in the near future and you do not know what present to buy for the one throwing it, you cannot go wrong with a unisex gift. Regardless of whether you have to attend a birthday party or a couple’s celebration, unisex gifts are the way to make sure that your present will be enjoyed. Personally, I hate receiving vouchers. I think of them as presents with no personality that are purchased at the last minute without putting too much thought or effort into it. Here are some great ideas for unisex gifts that you can purchase in confidence and rest assured knowing that they will be appreciated.

Let’s start with electronics, since technology has become an integrated part of our lives and the marketplace holds a wide array of gadgets you can purchase. Examples here include mobile phones, headphones, cell phone cases, CD cases, iPods, disposable cameras, weighing scales, mouses and laptop accessories, external hard disks, electronic toothbrushes, and electronic photo frames. You could also purchase traditional photo frames, but a nice touch would be adding a photo of the party host in it. If the one throwing the party travels a lot, then a travel pillow will be a perfect gift. Desk accessories are also very popular, such as pen sets, calendars, and clocks. Personalized objects could also do the trick. You can have basically anything customized with nice phrases or beautiful pictures, including tea cups, t-shirts and pillows. Unisex watches and perfumes will definitely be a hit. For gourmands, food and drink baskets are the best presents. If the birthday girl/boy enjoys reading, then what better present could you give them than books? If your budget allows for it, you could also buy them an eReader.

Regardless of the type of unisex gift you wish to purchase, the budget is very important. And in today’s economy, with the financial crisis giving everyone a hard time, not many people can afford to invest in expensive presents. If this is your case, then online shopping is your best option. With the Internet being at the tip of your fingers, finding great deals and offers is very easy. In this way, you will be able to make a great present while still saving some money. If your budget is significantly lower, then you could always opt for do it yourself presents. Just set your imagination free and you will surely come up with a creative idea. It will surely be better than a gift card!

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The Unisex Gift For Baby Showers

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It is uncanny that people who are soon to become parents nowadays will not want to know the sex of their baby, since it is possible to find it out. However, there are many couples out there who make the decision of not wanting to know and wait until the actual birth to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Come to think of it, the very cliché image of the doctor telling the parents “Congratulations! It is a boy/girl!”, is pretty much ruined if you already know and it is actually a very significant part of the birthing process. If you know a couple that does not want to know the sex and they invite you to the baby shower, you must take certain precautions, so that what you buy can be suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl, thus a unisex gift.

The unisex gift may be a bit tricky to find, as in most cases, producers have the tendency to make baby products that are either colored pink or blue. To avoid this, look for a unisex gift that has a more neutral color, such as purple, brown, green or yellow. The next thing to consider when shopping for an unisex gift is the fact that the item should be suitable for a new born child. Thus, read labels and instructions to see what is the recommended age use for the particular item you want to purchase as a unisex gift. You can start looking for ideas online, as there are plenty baby store websites from which you could get inspired or even purchase the perfect unisex gift. Consider items that are mandatory for the care of any baby, such as pacifiers and nipple sets, baby cribs and carts. An unisex gift idea you cannot go wrong with is to buy baby toys.

As you may realize, buying an unisex gift for a baby shower is not that problematic, it is actually an easy task if you go for purchasing mandatory baby items in neutral colors.

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Unisex Gift Basket Ideas

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Finding the right gift for anyone can be very difficult. However, this is much more challenging when the person either doesn’t conform to the normal standards of “what guys like” or “what women want”, or if the gift will be shared by a man and a woman. Thankfully though, there are some great gift basket ideas that can be used for any occasion.

Whether it’s for a dinner party or a birthday, gift baskets are always a fun option if you decide to make them or they can be a simple option for someone who is pressed on time and/or ideas. However, unisex gift baskets are more difficult to make and design than those that are intended for either a man or a woman as they have to be liked by both and appeal to their senses. This makes their design very important.

The first rule when designing a unisex gift basket is to use neutral colors like white, yellows, and light blues. This makes them pleasing to the eye from all perspectives and allows the recipient to be more open to liking it. Second, anything that is geared more towards one sex or the other is out, so keep it simple with things like candies, fruits and even gifts like books in it. Avoid soaps, lotions, or anything else that wouldn’t be used by both sexes. Finally, having fun with it is the easiest way to make a gift basket and keep it personal. However, you have to be mindful not to put too much of what you like in the basket and too little of what the other sex will enjoy.

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Buying a Handmade Unisex Gift

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Unisex gifts are fun gifts that you can give a man or woman, and in some cases they are a universal gift you can give nearly anyone. Many people have fallen victim to getting a gift that they don’t like because it’s completely out of what they would typically use. For example, you can’t expect a guy to enjoy a gift basket full of beauty products, unless they are mens beauty products.

There are hundreds if not thousands of options to explore when considering the perfect unisex gift. If you are giving a gift to a couple, it’s important that both feel the specialness of the gift, not just one person. There are also different parts to getting a unisex gift. For example, are you really close to the people in mind? Or are they just friends or co-workers? You might be willing to spend a lot more on a fancy unisex present if you are closer to the person.

If you are at your wits end on deciding what to buy, consider buying a handmade unisex gift. Hundreds of crafters make classy unisex gifts in the form of tshirts, wallets, blankets, and much more! There are plenty of unique and handmade items you can give as a gift, instead of the usual lame present you give every year. Candle sets and soap baskets are always a classic unisex gift, and they make a great smelling present that anyone can enjoy despite their gender or age. When you buy handmade you are also support two different causes. One of them is helping artists pursue their craft. The other is promoting earth friendly products that don’t take as big of a toll on the environment. What a better way to give a gift than to give a handmade one!

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Unisex Gift Options

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Choosing a unisex gift is difficult, especially if you are participating in a mystery gift giving game, or if you are trying to buy a single gift for a couple. Unisex gifts come in many shapes and sizes, and there are more options than you might think.

Nice photo frames are a good option for anyone. They can be used to hold pictures of their loved ones, and what could be more special than that? Better yet, if you are gifting to a couple you know well, you can take pictures of their children and put them in the frame as a gift. A photo can last forever and become a very precious gift because it holds so many memories.

Gift cards of all types are also great unisex gifts. You can choose from restaurant gift cards, or hundreds of other retailers from around the world. They are perfect for the picky person on your list. Gift cards also allow them to buy whatever their heart desires, instead of something they may not like at all.

Household decorations are generally OK to buy as a unisex gift, but since many people already have their home the way they like it the gift may end up being useless to them. Movies and CD’s are good, if you know what kind of music the person in mind likes. You can never go wrong with a gift card to the itunes store either.

Kitchen materials are also fun to give as a gift, depending on whether or not they have a specific item already. For example, giving someone a toaster if they already have one is a silly move. Only gift what the person doesn’t already have. Gifting a repeat item is fruitless and will make that person uncomfortable.

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Unisex Gift Ideas

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If you need a unisex gift (for example, you are going to a party where there will be a gift exchange game, and you have no way of knowing whether your gift will end up with a man or a woman) but have no idea what you should buy, you have stumbled across the right post. I have assembled a list of unisex gifts for you, and I think that just about anyone would be happy to receive one of the unisex gifts that is listed below (regardless of whether they are a man or a woman):

A gift card: Whether it is to a bookstore or a restaurant, a gift card may not be the most personalized gift, but it is definitely one that will get the job done for you.

A stereo: Although you probably aren’t going to buy a surround sound system for this type of occasion, a nice little portable stereo can make a great gift that isn’t going to deplete your bank account either.

A kitchen knife or grilling utensils: While they might not spend everyday in the kitchen, just about everyone cooks and grills at least once in awhile, and when the time for these activities do come around, it is always nice to have some quality tools at your disposal to use.

A fondue set: Everyone likes to snack on food, and a fondue set can be a great way for someone to accomplish this task. The great thing about giving someone a fondue set is the next time you go over to their house, you might get the opportunity to enjoy some fondue with them!

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